Need Help In Tracking Your Ancestors?
After about twenty years of investigative and administrative experience in the field of
records, genealogy became a natural talent in finding records and putting together profiles
on the past.

During my investigative tenture, my employers were able to command one hundred dollars
an hour due to my professional expertise. Now these skills are available at a fraction of the
cost after hanging up my investigative "shingle".

It's not unusual after researching courthouse and federal records, to find me hiking
through the woods in efforts to locate old long forgotten family cemeteries for photos.
Various Available Services:
Professional Services Available: (My Services)
Courthouse Record Research: Records
researched and copied for mailing.

Library Searches: Local library searches
at the best genealogy library in the State
of South Carolina.

State Archive Research: When you
can't and want to be sure the person  
researching is exhausting all means on
your behalf.

Online Research: For those without the
time or resources to find what's available
online for their Ancestors.
Cemetery Photographs: Local
cemetery photographs of your family
member's tombstones.

Residential Photographs: Photographs
of your Ancestors' homes or lands.

Deeds & Plats: See how your Ancestors
relate to their neighbors and the area.

Traveling Research: Periodic roads
trips for research outside the area to
various States, that your family records
can become a part of with lesser expenses.
A.L. Murphy - Heritage & History Writer,
Researcher, Photographer, Publisher &
Military Talk Show Host/Producer
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Whether it's to do research for you or just to hire me as a research manager to over
see your work and give advise on where to go next for those hard to find results,
contact me for a quote.